Designed by Debbie Zylstra Almstedt, copyright 2003
This page shows permanent tattoos of Zibu Angelic Symbols that people have felt inspired to have done by professional tattoo artists.
My 2007 published book "Zibu: The Power of Angelic Symbology" is an excellent reference for additional symbols.  
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The Power to Connect with Angelic Healing Energies
After seeing the tattoo images, many people email me with questions.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, and the answers:

Where do these Zibu symbols come from?
The Angels [read more].   And Angels are non-denominational
so they are not associated with a specific religion.

But what are they?
Zibu is an Angelic healing language of symbols.  The Angels
have shown me the images in my mind's eye, and I have drawn
them out.  They are a visual image of energy.

How do I know which symbol is right for me?
When viewing a variety of Zibu symbols, one or more may 
quickly attract your attention.  You will intuitively know which
one(s) are most optimal for you.

What if I choose the "wrong" one?
There are no "wrong" choices.  All of the symbols are infused 
with love and light from the Angels and have a gentle energy.
Where can I find more images of the symbols?
There are more than 100 Zibu symbols that I have
cataloged...88 of them are contained in the book:
"Zibu: The Power of Angelic Symbology"  

Each symbol has a channeled message of encouragement and 
love from the Angels.

To buy the book or jewelry, check out the
Zibu Store.
Kara Y
(Ontario Canada)
Reciprocity tattoo 
on back of neck
Stacie S
(Southern California)

Begin Anew embellished with flower
Aga A

Hope within Angel Wings on Back
Choose Life tattoo
on Back
Bethanie D (Liverpool UK)
Creativity and Embrace Life tattoos on Back
Debra W (California)
Vicki O (S. Dakota)
Friendship Tattoos

Devon M
(Philadelphia PA)

Choose Life 
tattoo on Foot
Devon M
(Philadelphia PA)
Creativity tattoo 
on wrist
Doreen P (Nebraska)

Choose Life tattoo
on back of neck
Kyle S

Hope tattoo 
on neck/shoulder
Megan T
(Scarborough, Maine)
Hope and Faith tattoos
on back of neck