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Zibu Symbols  As a healing language, these beautiful symbols open portals for heavenly transformation.  The sacred art created with these symbols provides a direct connection to the Angels.  

About Debbie Z  My spiritual path has become more apparent to me as it has opened up over the last few years.  I continue to show up each day ready for guidance from the Angels as they work through me as I create jewelry and deliver love-filled messages.  read more...

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Designed by Debbie Zylstra Almstedt, copyright 2003
They are a graceful fluid symbols used to connect with the love, inspiration and healing energy of the Angels.  It is what I like to call "heavenly shorthand."

I began drawing these symbols in 2002 and was subsequently visited by an Angel who explained the symbolic meanings and uses.

I have created this website to share with you the power of using symbols to communicate with the Angels and bring in their healing energies.

If you would like more detailed information about Zibu angelic symbols, click on the link below to order your copy of the Zibu book.
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I am always amazed at the gentle energy associated with Zibu.  It is meant to provide Hope, Love and Encouragement to mankind, as well as a unique connection to the Angelic Realm.

Love and Light... 

…Debbie Z
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Zibu Angelic Symbols (c) 2002-2014  Debbie Z Almstedt         Zibu Artwork (c) 2007  Pat Brier
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